Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Intel Inside… and Out.

Like everyone else I'd heard Intel was working on some sort of streaming video thingy. I sort of assumed it was just a new board or chipset or something that optimized streaming video performance in some way. But now, it turns out Intel is really working on a new internet-based television streaming product - an over the top set top box that would compete with AppleTV (and Roku, Boxee and WD etc.)

You can read all about it here:
Intel confirms new internet-based television streaming product, 'working with entire industry' to launch this year:

Normally I would think, "huh, interesting" but you see, I live in Canada. As such I doubt any of the services this device would work with, won't work here. No Amazon streaming, no Hulu, no Spotify, no Pandora, in fact, no end to the list of services that just are not available to Canadians. Sure there's a BBC iPlayer but with such a reduced catalogue it certainly isn't worth $9 a month (I'm sure all the good BBC content is securely distributed to BBC America, Neflix and iTunes and whatever is left over goes in the Canada iPlayer box). There's even some paltry version of Google Play which pales next to the American offering. So when my UK brethen who have access to Love Film, Sky Now, BBC iPlayer, iTunes, Amazon don't see the value in AppleTV, I have to voice my opinion. AppleTV is great, because it is here. In fact, AppleTV is in many more markets than Google or Amazon. It really doesn't matter to me how great something is if I can't have it here. I think I can guess why: too small a population base, with splintered and expensive Internet access and expensive copyright laws must combine for a truly unpleasant experience which must be so confusing to other global citizens. But there it is in shiny black clamshell.


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