Thursday, March 17, 2011

Joe Sacco Speaks at University of Toronto

image via Comic Book Resources

Due to my incredible laziness I'm just gonna post this from the University of Toronto's site:

Joe Sacco

Part of the UofT Arts Council
2011 Speakers Series

March 17

Innis Town Hall
Innis Town Hall website

$10 adult
$5 student & senior
general admission

Joe Sacco, the second speaker in the UofT Arts Council 2011 Speakers Series, is one of the world's premier comic book artists and is widely recognized as a central figure in bringing graphic novels and sequential art into the cultural mainstream.

Sacco's work is frequently featured on university syllabi, in programs ranging from English to Political Science to Peace and Conflict Studies.

A Guggenheim fellow, Sacco's work has been profiled by the BBC, Time Magazine and the New York Times.

Trained as a journalist, his storytelling takes the form of "comics journalism" and includes such lauded works as Palestine and Safe Area GoraĹžde.

A Book Signing will follow Sacco's lecture. All of Sacco's works will be available for sale at the event, courtesy of The Beguiling.

See event info.

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