Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jigsaw Residence

Image via ArchDaily

This house began life as a single story suburban home but has been renewed as a contemporary beaut, by David Jameson. See? This is exactly what I was trying to tell my brother he should build on his new lot.

Ok. Out of reach for most of us, but I like the idea of using a large suburban lot not just for sprawl but to create interesting and private spaces such as an internal courtyard. It's hard to tell how the house fits in with the neighbourhood, but it looks as though the larger second floor is behind the front away from the street suggesting a nod to the scale of the rest of the street. Or not, can't say as I just made that last part up. More pretty pictures at ArchDaily.

You know what? Forget what I just said. This gorgeous house looks like a behemoth on the street and how can anyone compete with that? I mean, the budget for chairs alone is probably more than our house is worth. Doesn't anyone care to post news about modest architecture like The Rural Studio? I'll try harder to find projects like that in the future rather than just clicking on the sparkly, lovely, shiny, white stucco architecture I've noted above.

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