Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Red

image viaThe Brooklyn Museum

Ok, I'm not going to say anything other than this is a crazy awesome looking bike. For some reason, perhaps generational hubris, I was under the misconception that experimentally futuristic bicycles for everyday folks began with Marc Newson.

I was obviously wrong. Here's the description from the Brooklyn Museum:
“The aluminum prototype of this futuristic bicycle was handmade by the MG Auto Company in England in 1946 and incorporated an ingenious dynamo that stored the downhill energy and released it on uphill runs. It was prohibitively expensive for consumer production, but in 1960 Bowden contracted with Bomard Industries in Michigan to produce a more mechanically conventional, one-speed version of the dynamic, organic design in fiberglass, a new design material. Ultimately the endeavor was too costly for Bomard Industries as well and the firm went out of business having manufactured only 522 examples.”


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