Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eat, Park, Love

This remarkable parking garage at 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami by Herzog and de Meuron is proof that there's nothing wrong with much of urban infrastructure that can't be fixed with a little consideration and some intelligence. It also shows that great projects are not just spawned from great designers but also from great clients. Really, think about it. How many developers planning a parking garage think, "hmm, I'll need an architect. Maybe I'll call those Swiss guys who won the Pritzker Prize." So hats off to the developer, Robert Wennett and his ambition.

Note: a surprising reader comment on the New Yorker Web site refers to the building as a top heavy carbuncle with a poorly conceived lighting scheme. I've never been to the site, so it's hard to argue, but my guess is that reader probably has some kind of mud in his/her eyes or perhaps a gigantic chip on their shoulder, or some type of wooden stick up their ass or something. Judging from the video alone, this is a uniquely sophisticated and well executed parking garage in a class not seen since Bertrand Goldberg's Marina Towers in Chicago (which it is inevitably compared to).



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