Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Madness of Men

Photo from Magnum Photos via Slate

They're back. AMC's series Mad Men has finally returned. Now we can go back to watching a show that puts a klieg light on a golden period of American design. Calling this period "golden" may be suggesting that all others suck, or that it was a zenith for American design, which is not the case. It's just that in the late 60s there was a totality and confidence of every aspect of American Design. Architecture, industrial design, graphic design, film, art, and music all roiled with innovation and thrust modernity before the world with an assumption that everything must be new to be made whole. Or something like that.

Maybe it's just a damned fine show with good looking dames and well dressed heels. I think one reason I'm so enamoured with Mad Men is it represents what I thought my career would be like. Holding court before trembling clients as I blew smoke into the room and straight up their asses. Luckily for both my liver and lungs, it didn't turn out that way. Still, I do have an empty file drawer by my desk just begging for a stack of fresh shirts and a bottle of Scotch.


Blogger Alanna Cavanagh said...

I know it's 4 months late but I just read this post. Made me smile big.

November 23, 2010 at 3:40 PM  

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