Friday, July 30, 2010

Graphically Speaking

via Taylor Stitch

I love the exasperation and passion Aaron Draplin demonstrates in this brief video while explaining his frustration behind what's wrong with America today, graphically speaking. Draplin is one of the designers behind the success of Field Notes. Even better is his claim that they're going to "take it back". I'm not sure how you could do such a thing, but it has occurred to me that the new found entrepreneurship of current designers is really an attempt at doing that. Like Chip Kidd has said, if you want to do better work, then you have to own the content. What firms like Draplin and Coudal Partners have shown is that if you want this world to be a better place, then it is in your power to do so. One motel sign at a time. There is hope yet and I for one, want to help Aaron Draplin keep that promise.

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