Monday, May 31, 2010

Brick by Brick

image via The Ministry of Type

Years ago, someone told me they had an idea to create a film about all the fading painted ad murals in Toronto before there were lost forever. At the time, I recall a photo essay on the then online music magazine CBC Radio3 (sadly no longer available). It still seems funny to me that people have a real affection for these painted ads, yet hate bill boards. In Toronto there is a market value to a loft or condo development with an old Ideal Aluminum or Robert Watson lozenge ad painted, faded, distressed but still visible right on the brick. For years, an old City by-law made painted ads possible right up to the early part of this century. Sometime in the 2000s a Toronto company Murad Communications painted ads all over the city but have since gone out of business. That's why this short film, Up There piqued my interest. I met an acquaintance in the video store (a quaint old idea in itself these days) when he mentioned this film, Up There. Almost immediately after that, I saw this post on The Ministry of Type blog and there you are. Six degrees of finding a short film. It's only 10 or 12 minutes so set aside some time and enjoy.

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