Monday, March 29, 2010

eBooks vs Real Books

Real books vs eBooks? No contest. No, really. It isn't a contest. They don't really compete with each other. They complement each other. Even books on a lush device such as the iPad won't replace the object we call a book. You're asking if the virtual/digital will replace the real. Recordings don't replace performances (though Glenn Gould might have argued such). We still want to watch live performances. There will be things that eBooks will be able to do that books won't be able to and vice versa. It's a new medium. Vive la différence. Long live the revolution.

In this interview with both the art director of Taschen Books and Robert Brunner, the designer of Barnes & Noble's "Nook", Francis Anderton discovers designers aren't too worried about the demise of books. Listen to the podcast posted below:

It's nice to here Robert Brunner talk or even to hear an industrial designer interviewed. His intelligent and thoughtful blog can be seen at Design Matters

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