Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your Dad Can Beat Up My Dad

As Canadians we choose substance over style, ideas over rhetoric, and frumpiness or glamour (and we put "U's" in words that don't need them). Still, I kinda wish PM Harper wasn't such a conniving lump of a man who wastes his intellect thinking up ways to screw with Liberals through his parliamentary machinations rather than actually try to govern. Yes, I too wish BHO was our leader. Given Obama's approval ratings and usually positive numbers on actions his administration has taken in his first (spuriously significant) 100 days, it's hard to think that he has done all of that just by being so damn cool. As long as this charming bon homme can back his star power with innovative policy, excellent negotiation, calm and prudent guidance our dear leader will continue to look like a bureaucrat in a bad suit.


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