Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Art + Culture = Stuff

Lately I've been experimenting with a link repository/bookmarking services and dug up an older link that I'd forgotten about but I'm glad it remained oddly fossilized in my browser bookmarks. A site that seemed dormant for many moons has recently come back to life. is a great reference for information about authors, artists, performers and designers, made even more valuable by it's visual-thesaurus-like network map. The shiny new bit of the site however appears to be its aggregation of relevant blogs and members' profiles. Yeah, okay, I know, the whole social networking thing might be getting old but it can also be tremendously valuable (unless you of course you're like a total MyFaceBookSpaceTwickr hater – and why wouldn't you be?)

To really dig into the site you are required to request an invitation but mine only took a day and registration was simple enough. I plan on finding fascinating things about Art Stuff so I can sound smarter. I'm hoping this will offset the fact I get my news by glancing at RSS feeds and making assumptions based on the headlines. Probably won't. Can't hurt though. Perhaps, like Liz Lemon, you will "want to go to there."

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