Friday, February 13, 2009

Your Next Great Read Will be a Short One

Whenever someone uses the phrase "that was a great read", I always think of Peter Gzowski who hated the expression saying, "the word 'read' is not a noun!" Unfortunately for curmudgeons such as the venerable Mr. Gzowski, language is a funny thing - it's a living, breathing, evolving thing. Thus it follows the way we read is also a living, breathing, evolving thing. The project I've been a part of for the last eight months is based on that premise. Despite those that claim the "end of print", we read more than ever. People read not just newspapers and magazines but on their cell phones, their smart phones, their desktops and laptops. Shortcovers is all about finding your next great read by letting you discover stories either on your desktop or you cell phone. The service allows you to get not just free chapters but also buy individual chapters or even order a hard copy of a book.

I've said enough. Watch the thing:

Shortcovers Intro from Shortcovers on Vimeo.

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