Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Call is Coming from Inside the (White) House

On the surface of it, having a secure e-mail server for a world leader and a small list of acceptable recipients and senders seems simple enough. Here's a list of people that can be received at "" - everyone else is blocked. Every e-mail is securely stored on the Presidential e-mail server and is considered part of the public record.

If only it were that easy. The fact that RIM controls e-mail servers to the device helps but still cell phone calls can be intercepted and e-mail is, well - not entirely a cone of silence. Then there's the fact the recipients' e-mail servers may not be secure. Unless of course, the President and his correspondents log in to a closed system. Still? Add mobile GPS and that you can find the holder of the device pretty quickly (some tri-angulation is possible even without GPS) so the more you think about it the more I realize I'm glad I'm not the person trying to figure out how to plug all the security holes a mobile phone or e-mail use creates.

Agencies such as the CIA and FBI use secure e-mail so why can't the president. All of that said, Obama is right to say it's the 21st century - figure it out.

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