Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feeling Randy

On occasion, I've been known to mistype a URL in my browser and end up in an entirely different place than I had hoped (never, ever do an image search for "hand or fist graphic") and sometimes my browser auto-fills an address long ago cached in memory. My first response is usually, "How long does the browser store this junk?" and the second is usually, "I haven't been there for awhile." Such was the case when typing in "IM..." (about to go to IMDB) when the auto-fill completed This influential design firm was probably best known for a series of title sequences created for films such as "Seven" in the late 90's and I curious to check in on their site. Thankfully I did and one of their featured projects was this short film about the work of Paul Rand
Let's call it a happy accident.

Paul Rand Project

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