Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Connecting the Dots

I've been doing a project with Carla of Evolution Design recently which has involved creating images using a dot pattern. We've all seen some very sophisticated versions of this kind of thing over the years (particularly using half-tone patterns on glass etc.) and I'm generally mystified over how the results are achieved - not the fabrication but the artwork. My usual assumption has been someone had created a unique software solution rather than doing it by hand or with brute force. Faced with the same dilemma, I've ended up using a very non-innovative nor intuitive series of steps in Adobe Illustrator which caused me to wonder whether I should either learn how to code a solution or abandon it. Then Carla sent me this link, to an art project by Frédéric Eyl and Gunnar Green whereby they are using a wall of motorized camera shutters (apertures) connected to light sensors to generate what is essentially an interactive version of the still images we are creating. Interestingly, the principle is the same - "darkness" is a small opening, "lightness" is a large opening - though it the sensor that makes this conclusion in their case. Their highly technical implementation, made me feel as though my own attempt, which used an Illustrator filter combined with a lot of hand revision, was a quaint though equally effective method.

Enjoy this short film from their site:

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