Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Blimey, Mac ads!

I was recently looking for something on a British Web site, when I noticed what appeared to be a Mac ad but with different actors. Immediately thinking it was a parody, I clicked to play it. By gum and great Caesar's ghost, it was a Mac ad, but with a British accent. It never really occurred to me that Mac ads in the UK would use different actors but of course they do. It's very odd watching the familiar ones re-shot with British actors, but I chose this one for its particular Englishness - (who else says, "...larkin' about"?).

Click to play.

All of this made me wonder, "What other countries are getting the unique Mac ads?" Alas, doing a round up of the European Apple sites only produced Mac ads with foreign language over-dubs (though, oddly, the poor Dutch are left with the American English versions). The most incongruous of which is the Italian - one can imagine the actors gesticulating wildly even as the American actors play it straight. What did I learn on my little International Ad festival sojourn?

"Hallo, bin ich ein Mac."
"...und ich bin ein PC."

Need I say more?


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